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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

JETT’s Cloud Services eliminate much of the worries inherent to business technology infrastructure so you can focus on the more exciting things in your business… and that makes for good business! Contact us for a free consultation and quote and take the first step to living in the cloud.

JETT provides multiple options for protecting your business data from loss and corruption. JETT employs professional grade, industry leading software and hardware infrastructure to ensure that your data resides in two places at any given time – your company’s business technology data storage systems and JETT’s data storage systems housed in one of our state of the art data center operations. Our service ensures that your data can be recovered at the file, folder, or entire system level.

JETT coloIT enables you to stop worrying about the Internet, electrical power, and air conditioning your Business Technology systems rely on. coloIT enables the move of your Business Technology hardware (servers, routers, firewalls, disk arrays, etc.) to one of JETT’s state of the art data center operations where your systems will enjoy redundant and highly available Internet connectivity, conditioned electrical power, and air cooling.

JETT’s Cloud Serve delivers identity management (user login access control), file storage and sharing, and network printing to the users in your office operation. With Cloud Serve, you no longer have to invest and worry about file server hardware and software that traditionally has resided in some off-limits corner of your office space. With Cloud Serve, you can free up this space and quit worrying about the cost and expenditures of buying your own server equipment as well as the Internet, electrical power, and air conditioning your server systems rely on.